The World's Club of Gentleman Gamers

The founders
The founders

We are a multinational and multilingual multimedia community of noblemen providing quality material and information to the community of gamers.


Our first steps


In 1835, Lord Hughbert Harnsworth-Noughton was having tea at upper Fortquintithstone Castle with the later members Lady Betty Bollingmorn, Sir Edward E. Hillwing, Madame Gwynneth Mc. Allington of Barnstablemoth and Horatio DocMollyman Duke of Westchesterwood.


After finishing a game of bridge, they thought of an international organization providing information and help for all kinds of casual activities. They established the WCOGG and decided to reside it in northern Wilmanshire.



As the community grew larger and larger, the WCOGG moved to some more agreeable place at the river banks.



Now having enough space and the turn of the century just passed, thoughts came from outdoor sports like cricket to the newly born motor sports. The club bought a few automobiles to understate the motoristic ambitions of their members.



With the years passing, the pool of automobiles grew larger and larger...




...and the garage became way too small to fit all the cars. It was therefore decided, to just help ambitious motorists by providing material and information for racing games. Of course this is fancy fantasy.