GeneRally award
GeneRally award

Please find below the Gentleman's X tracks.


More tracks (esp. stunt tracks) can be found at the historic site.

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Actra X
The village of Actra welcomes our guests for the 2012 summer season.

Beautiful Actra offers you

- a good relaxation on the hilltop where you can find an 18 hole golf course
- a visit to the lovely old town with its nice antiquity stores
- a guided tour to the old windmill and to the old port crane
- shopping in downtown where you can find the world's largest Kuckuksuhr

For arrival just park your car on the 24h parking terrace and get down through the cavern tunnel.

Take a day off to drive up and climb the hill to get a spectacular view of the old dam.

Since the old roads are very narrow we strongly advise you to use one of your good performing vehicles, for instance the Dodge viewtopic.php?f=7&t=2518 or your nice opentop oldtimer that will allow the full experience of Actra village and valley.

Please enjoy your stay,
Yours sincerely
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Autumn X
A challenging race through different landscapes: Suburbian homes, cruising the highway, pay a visit to the state houes and rumble through the farming district (plus get a free carwash here).

Version 3.02
Autumn X
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Advant X 2011
Proudly presenting: The first real Formula 1 racing circuit

A balanced track with a mix of high speed straights & turns as well as small curves where the Formula X 2011 cars are at the height of their values and where it is a challenge to fight and re-fight on the positions with the AIs.
Adv X
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Tiny race X
A small and tiny race rallye track for a quick competition.
Tiny race
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Hispeed X
Just enough space for new powercars
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Golden Gate X
Race the Golden Gate bridge figure 8 track.
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Mine X
The mine was closed about 2 years ago, but there are still some outlaws racing the old mine shaft and jumping the freeway - let out the police cars to get those guys!

A 2nd place in Track of the Month
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MS Kart X (track and car)
This file features the unofficial MS Kartcenter Indoor track in Kerpen, Germany and the red MS Kart for your best racing fun.

I strongly suggest to turn off damage for this race because of many concrete walls and more realistic kart racing.
MS Kart
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Crumple X
A crumpled old doodle paper with a small quick fun circuit on it.
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Jamaica Grand Prix X
The Jamaica GP hosts a race thru tight curves at a sandy surface. Use the formula cars to get the real feeling.
Jamaica GP
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You motor sounds shall THUNDER this track, best driven with Formula X
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San Francisco X
This cop chase track brings you right down to the Streets of San Francisco! Chase those robbers or get chased by a police squad by downloading the Muscle Cars X at the cars page, jump the elevations and drive thru the flower power greenery!
San Francisco
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Topspeed X
This track is for your top speed cars.
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Oil field X
Burn burn, let the motherfucker burn...
Oil field
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Spacerace X and Dralthi fighter X
The race to space
Spacerace and Dralthi
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Stormy X
Race like the storm at the Caribbean island!
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