Please find below the Gentleman's X cars.

GRIF Räbinä award win 2011 car maker of the year

GeneRally award
GeneRally award

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The Supercar Racing League (WIP)
Winner of the car of the month 11/12 2011 competition
Supercar Racing League
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The Supercar Racing League
The Supercar Racing League
Audi A5 X
Latest version of the convertible
Audi A5
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Volkswagen Golf GTX
1 in player colour coded, a bunch of others precoded
Volkswagen Golf GT
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Range Rover Evoque X
A small but beautiful SUV
RR Evoque
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Dodge Ultra X
Come on Dodge, build it
Dodge Ultra
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To protect and to serve (police cars) X
Four police cars
To protect and to serve
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2nd place - August 2011
2nd place - August 2011
Starter Pack X
Your first car download

This pack contains:

Porsche 928 X - The only non-911 that is called a real Porsche
Volkswagen Bulli X - Flower powered racing
Volkswagen Beetle TX - The classic was built 65 years (1938 to 2003), here is the Turbo version
Chevrolet Camaro - The pony car of generations - very aggressive driving
Starter Pack
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Van Wars X
The ultimate van challenge.

Ever been cut off by some amteur racedrivin' white van pilot?
Now it's payback time!

Choose your team's style:
1) The SWAT Team van
2) The 911 ambulance crew
3) Giorgio Giaccomos ice cream van armada called "Gelati"
4) The UPS Gangs fleet
5) The Shovers utility car
6) The Reapers - harvesting souls uaaaaahhh

These vans are a tiny bit overpowered - as we like it - you will hear this with their engine roars. Download the sound pack and add put it to your sounds folder. Choose the sound set in your Generally game and LISTEN!
The pack includes a blank van for your own creations.
Van Wars
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FIA Formula 1 2011
FIA Formula 1 2011
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 1.7 KB
Truck Grand Prix Championship 2011 X
The beast is awake!

This file also includes 6 different sound files as an X-tra effect. Please move the sounds into the Generally\sounds\default directory
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 318.0 KB
Audi A5 X
This is a pack of the very stylish Audi A5 containing 7 cars

- Audi A5
- Audi A5 Convertible
- Audi S5
- Audi S5 Convertible
- Audi RS 5
- Audi RSi 5 (fictional)
- Audi DTM 5 (fictional)

Depending on the model the speed is moderate at about 55.
Audi A5s
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3rd place
3rd place
FIA Formula 1 2010 X
The Package contains all 2010 FIA Formula 1 cars.

Very fun to drive!

1) F1 Scuderia Ferrari X
2) F1 Williams X
3) F1 Mclaren Mercedes X
4) F1 Red Bull Racing X
5) F1 Renault X
6) F1 Sauber X
7) F1 Mercedes GP X
8) F1 Lotus Racing X
9) F1 Force India X
10) F1 Scuderia Toro Rosso X
11) F1 Hispania Racing Team X
12) F1 Virgin Racing X

All the cars have their own specialties, overall performance is about balanced to the real world.
FIA Formula 1 2010
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Lamborghini Aventador X

This guy is seriously POWERed - so watch out...
Lamborghini Aventador
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Alfa Romeo 8C Spider X
Peter Parker would like to have one...
Alfa Romeo 8C Spider
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Porsche 911 GT3 X
Do it the Zuffenhausen-style!

Including a Porsche 911 GT3 X and an additional RS version for the x-tra pace.
Porsche 911 GT3
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Spring Start Kit X
1958 Plymouth Fury, Audi R8, Corvette & more

This carpack contains a variety of cars I've been sitting on for far too long to release.

- A 1958 Plymouth Fury X (aka Christine)
- A Corvette
- An Audi R8
- A new musclecar
- A Formula car that is very agile
- and a new offroad Jeep

Hope you like it, comments and ideas are welcome as always.
Spring start kit
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Jeep Wrangler X
The ultra offroad Package

(1) Wrangler Sport
The well known Jeep Wrangler Sport with its heavy roll bar
(2) Wrangler HardTop
...comes equipped with a black HardTop
(3) Wrangler Sport Recreational
...anybody noticed - there is another surfer on his way to the beach (to join the Jeep Liberty of the SUV X pack)
(4) Wrangler Military 20mm gun
This is a military version with a 20mm double barrel gun (wish I could use this on the highway sometimes...)
(5) Wrangler Military police
Will be there soon if anybody uses the 20mm double barrel gun on the highway ;)
(6) Wrangler Off-Road special
...has a cow catcher grill attached at the front and just a small tiny bikini-top
(7) Wrangler Radio Wagon
Two large antennas for radio communication features
(8) Wrangler Rally version
Equipped with extra light beams on top
(9) Wrangler Roadster
Some guy chopped of the roof and made some speed-boat-like windows
(10) Wrangler Junior
Parted front windshield and enlargements covering the tires
(11) Wrangler P
Jeep Wrangler
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Big block motor X muscle power cars
Pretty old school

They provide almost 800hp and you are to fire those engines up
Also make use of the motor sound in the according file HowTo: Unzip the file into your /sound/default folder
Big Block X
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The Generally All-Original Cars: X pimped
Tired of always driving the same lame old stuff?

Like the old originals but getting a little bored of how they look?
Wanna race those old buddies with something fair but a bit more fresh?

---> Mate you have officially been pimped

Here are the first of the Generally Original X Pimps, the General, the Formula, the Mini, the Monstertruck, the Truck and the Rallycar

Same performance figures, same wheelbase just a different style. And to give it the extra sound on top so that you can hear yours out of the bunch there are soundfiles as well (just add these in your sounds / default folder), it will keep the originals don't worry
Original X
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Muscle and cop cars X
These are some of the best historic American muscle cars:

- Pontiac Trans Am
- Camaro
- Ford Mustang
- Two cop cars are included for wild chases!

Enjoy those monster engine beauties!
Muscle Cars
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